Mobile advertising at it’s finest
Your ad will be played in fullscreen mode and in full length. Forget banners and ad-blockers, we offer full exposure and a mass of daily users at the lowest price. Benefit from the advertising of the future.
Full screen
Your ad is played in full screen. Research shows that this means 43% ad recognition, which is twice as much as any form of advertising on the desktop environment.
Full length & sound
Ads on CashLook are played in their entirety. Only ads that are viewed in their full length generate a ticket, therefore users won’t close them.
Reach mass audiences
Our platform is attracting a mass of users in a snowball effect. More users means higher rewards and more ads being watched.
Global mobile advertising market is predicted to be worth 215 billion dollar by 2021, and will account for 72% of all advertising.
Mobile phones are used on a hourly basis. Internet is also primarily reached via mobile for age groups 18-44 globally.
Higher tolerance
Research shows that users are more tolerable towards ads on mobile phone than in the desktop environment, especially if they gain something when ads are displayed.